Damascus Steel 8'' Chef Knife by Vertoku

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"These knives are truly stunning"

These beautiful 8'' Chef Knives are crafted from Japanese VG10 steel and layered with 33 layers of Damascus Steel on both sides of the blade. These layers are folded and forged, creating a beautiful pattern and ensuring long-lasting sharpness.

The G in VG10 stands for "Gold", which refers to the gold standard of stainless steel. VG10 steel is produced in Japan and is highly appreciated by Chefs because it offers the hardness of carbon steel but the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. 
Unique handle design -  Each handle goes under a special manufacturing process called stabilization and during which the wood is combined with colored epoxy resin. The stabilization process solidifies the handle and provides better durability than traditional wood. Because high quality stabilized wood absorbs very little water, it is less prone to warping and cracking. 

Multi-Functional Knife - This is a versatile professional kitchen Damascus knife that can be used to chop, slice and dice vegetables, fruits and meat. 

Super sharp edge - The Damascus steel is finished with a finely polished surface that is tough and corrosion resistant. The curved edges are sharp, more durable and sharper. 

Exquisite pattern - The feather pattern of 67 layers of Damascus steel is uniquely superb. Also suitable for collection and display.

Available in 4 different colors - Choose the color you want in the dropdown selector above and click "Add to Cart".

Please note that due to the special manufacturing process of the shank and the difference in natural wood growth, the texture of the wood and the resin pattern will not be exactly the same, meaning that each handle will be truly unique.
Handle Material: Stabilized Wood
Blade Material:  High Carbon VG10 Steel with 66 Damascus Steel Layers
Blade Thickness: 2.1 mm
Cutting Edge Angle:  3
Blade length: 20.5 cm (8 inches)
Full length: 33 cm (13 inches)
Blade width: 4.8 cm (1.8' - Widest point)
Net weight: 175 g (6.17 oz)
HRC: 60
Package includes:
  • 1* chef knife
  • 1* high-end gift box


Do you ship worldwide? 
We currently ship to USA only.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is currently free for US orders.

How long does shipping take?
As our knives are handmade, delivery time worldwide is currently 2 weeks.

Can I choose the color of the knife handle? 
No - each handle undergoes a unique colorization process. Therefore all knife handles have their own unique colors and patterns. We cannot guarantee the colour or pattern you will receive.

Do the measurements above refer to the full knife or just the blade? 
The dimensions of the knife refer to the blade only.

Do these knives require special care?
These knives are extremely easy to care for. Avoid the dishwasher, wash and dry after use, and you’ll never have an issue.

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