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Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives Vertoku™

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  • "I've been a chef for 8 years and I can honestly say that Vertoku' Stainless Steel Knives are the most comfortable and sharpest I've used"

    Luke Parmenter (Verified Buyer)

The Stainless Steel Knife Collection by Vertoku™combines award-winning craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, awe-inspiring design & the absolute best materials available.

Ruthlessly Sharp

They cut meat better than an electric knife. You'll be able to cut through frozen food as though it were melted butter. They are so sharp they can cut through a tin can and perfectly slice a tomato.

Beautiful Patterns On Every Blade

Stainless Steel

High Corrosion Resistance & Durability

Smooth Lines

Laser Etched Blade Patterns

Perfectly Balanced Handle

Superior Hand Control, Flexibility & Comfort

Save Money With Our Knife Sets

We offer 3 different Value Knife Sets that save you money as opposed to buying each knife separately. This is for any serious chef and makes a perfect gift.

- 3 Piece Value Set (includes 8" chef, 5" santoku, 3.5" pairing knife. Saves 34%)

- 5 Piece Value Set (includes 8" chef, 7" Santoku, 7" cleaver, 5" santoku, 3.5" pairing knife. Saves 48%)

- 8 Piece Value set (includes ALL knives listed above. Saves 53%).

You can select your knife set from the top of the page, or you can keep scrolling to find out more about each individual knife

100's of 5 Star Reviews

"The Stainless Steel knives by Vertoku are higher quality than my other knives that cost me three times as much... I wish I'd known about Vertoku sooner" - Sarah Worthington (Verified Buyer)

Explore Each Knife

  • 8" Chef knife

    Our most popular all-rounder knife. This knife is sharp enough to slice through tough meat and easy enough to chop through vegetables.
  • 8" Slicing Knife

    The blade is more flexible and longer than a regular carving knife. Slicing knives are perfect to cut thinner slices of roast, fruits and vegetables.
  • 8" Bread Knife

    Perfectly slices through bread. It allows you to saw through a tough crust without mangling or compressing the tender crumb within.
  • 7" Santoku knife

    This is an all rounder knife. Crafted with a hammer forged finish to help prevent food from sticking to the blade as you cut.
  • 7" Cleaver knife

    Largely used as a butcher knife intended for hacking through bone. The knife's broad side can also be used for crushing in food preparation (such as garlic)
  • 6" Boning knife

    The special curved blade of the knife allows you to cut meat away from bones and joints from meat and fish, and its flexibility allows for thin, precise cuts.
  • 5" Santoku knife

    A smaller Santoku knife to easily chop through vegetables. Crafted with a hammer forged finish to help prevent food from sticking to the blade as you cut.
  • 3.5" Paring Knife

    This is a straight-edge multi-function knife that has many uses. Due to its size, the paring knife is a good tool for any food that requires attention to detail. Ideal for peeling and paring ingredients.

Product Parameters

The Specs

Steel: 7CR17 High Carbon Stainless Steel
HRC Rating: 58
Blade Edge Angle: 15°
Handle Material: Wood


  • Do you ship worldwide?

    We currently ship to USA only.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping is currently free for US orders.

  • How long does shipping take?

    Our order processing time is 2-5 business days. After dispatch it normally takes 3-10 days business days for orders to be delivered.

  • Do these knives require special care?

    These knives are extremely easy to care for. Avoid the dishwasher, wash and dry after use, and you’ll never have an issue.

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